how to do without a fridge


UPDATE: Somehow when I originally researched this topic I failed to discover the goddess of every thing pertaining to cooking in a galley (kitchen), Carolyn Shearlock. She authors an amazing blog and podcast called, The Boat Galley. (Don’t ask me how I missed it 😆 ) She has a $7 ebook on the subject, Storing Food Without Refrigeration, which I intend to buy just as soon as I have a boat!

Here's some links to pages giving information or discussing how to live without having the convenience of a refrigerator. I know...scary thought for a lot of us.

I'm thinking about it because I know I want to keep my electric needs low and from what I've read, on a boat it's the fridge that pulls the most electricity.

Living Without Refrigeration by Beth A. Leonard (pdf)
From a liveaboard who says, "Fridge-free tips and tricks that work even in the tropics."

How-To: Preserve Food Without Refrigeration by Frank Garrett

How to Store Fruits and Vegetables by Ecology Center's Berkley Farmers Market (pdf)
Tips and Tricks to extend the life of your produce without plastic.

Here are the Fundamentals of Dehydrating Foods Without Electricity by Farming My Backyard