knot treasure

I'm SO excited to find this book online...for free!

Alright, maybe you already knew it was there and have your copy =p
I'm happy for you but you didn't tell me about it!

I'm talking about The Ashley Book of Knots.


You can download it in whatever form you like over at the site <-- click
They're a wonderful resource for free everything, books, movies, audio, photos. Worth a gander anyway you look at it.

I was reading Kenneth Neumeyer's Sailing the Farm, for the umteenth time and started thinking about what to do for cash onboard. I'm building up my online business but it's always good to have multiple streams of income I hear ;)

He mentioned how sailors use to make hammocks and such which got me thinking about how much I enjoyed macrame in high school and more recently as a counselor at a camp in the Adirondacks.

When he mentioned The Ashley Book of Knots I googled it and violá! Thar she blows!

Swirling images of hammocks, swings, plant pots and various storage devices onboard rambled about my mind.

Now for some rope...

The Ashley Book of Knots
Every knot known...seriously...
Knots Every Boater Should Know
Webpage with descriptions and illustrations for 10 knots and a video for Turk's Head
5 Essential Sail Knots: How to Tie and When to Use 'Em 
Video by the wonderful Teresa Carey