start with a boat

by some miracle, i have been given a 26’ C&C sailboat.

for free.

i know…amazing.


ain’t she sweet?

i know, the name is john galt. for now i’m calling her johnny 😆

there’s a lot to tell so hang in there. also, if you’re not a sailor, i’ll do my best to give a quick explanation of some of the vocabulary.

immediate concerns

of course, it’s a boat so even though it’s ‘free’ in reality, there’s no such thing.

johnny is on a mooring ball (a mooring refers to any permanent structure a boat can attach to) in a marina on city island. the couple giving me the boat own the mooring and they’re willing to let me continue to use it for free while we both figure out what’s next for where the boat stays.

that’s good because i need to pay for a dinghy to get to the boat and a space on the dock to store it when i’m ashore. that little piece of real estate is gonna cost $600 for the season.

so between the dinghy, the dinghy dock fee, insurance and the registration, i’m looking at my sweet, free boat costing a little over $1,000 before i can even set foot on her. (alarmingly, $1K is the exact amount those who know say equals one boat buck.)

yes, that’s why i added a ‘donate’ button to the blog’s sidebar. any and all help with the sailing kitty is appreciated 😂

first steps

i took a long look at the boat last saturday. of course, the boat needs a lot of work and i found a few major projects. they all seemed like repairs that i could make given time and the m word. i also felt that i could tackle them piecemeal at my own speed.

however, that’s just my ‘not experienced’ opinion. so the first thing on my list is to find someone to help me do a more rigorous survey of the boat.

the next item on my list is to start a youtube channel. more than a few people have encouraged me to take the plunge. i’m hoping that i’ll inspire others, particularly older women of any color, who may think that this dream is beyond them.

i’d love the youtube channel to turn into a sustainable way to reload the kitty down the line . . . when i’m cruising . . . in the bahamas 😆

tour of the boat

ok, this isn’t really a tour of my boat. it’s as close as i can come without having access yet to the real thing. the following are pictures of a boat that looks almost exactly like mine.

if you’d like to buy ‘nowhere quick’, you can find her at

there’s so much more to tell!

but i’ve got to get back to work. i’ll be back soon to outline the repairs i saw that need to be done.