welcome to my website! you'll discover what i'm about artistically and i'm happy to report...there’s usually a LOT going on! 

i'm an actor, singer, director, filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter, and gonna-be sailor.

there was a time in my life when i thought i had to pick one of those and stick with it. come to realize that no, i can embrace them all cause they're all me.

starting over in your 60s is more fun than you think!

with a sailboat having made its way into my life, my sailing aspirations are finding themselves front and center in my life. take a gander at the blog if you want to know more.

i've got ongoing and upcoming projects in theater, music and film. Some of it i'm being paid for and a lot of it is being funded by my amazing patrons.

if you’re at all interested in supporting any aspect of my art or sailing, please consider becoming a patron. you’ll find out how via the patreon button below.

hope you enjoy the site! if you've got any questions, just ask. i'd love to connect with you.