above is a behind the scenes shot on location in Coney Island, NY with our merry band of ‘tough guyz’. gotta admit i LOVE playing a bad guy!

The Union”. A 30 min mob-movie that shows the guts of one of the oldest and unknown unions in the world: The New York Wedding Video Producers (NYWVP).

Nicolás Martínez, a new member of the Union, reveals his plan to end this historical organization during the Union’s annual dinner. Nicolás seeks revenge for the tough life his father had to live. A man with a shy temper, an individualistic defender and independent wedding video producer.
— Directed by Lander Camarero

we’re still shooting ‘The Union’ and i’ll definitely let you know more as it happens. you can find more behind the scenes photos on patreon.



Stuymied has become….stymied. My computer died. That sounds like a calm occurrence. It wasn’t, I spilled coffee on it. A lot of coffee. It is SO dead.



This short film was created in a weekend as part of a challenge. I met and worked with two wonderful young women to come up with the idea, write a script, shoot and edit. 

I'm taking the time to do the edit the way we'd like, so stay tuned!

What's it about?

A 21st century woman making her way in the world. Well, through Stuyvesant Town at least ;)

production stills